Water Treatment Plant

Conventional Water Treatment plant

WSI – India has built many water purification plants for using river water, lake water and also ground water. The Company has designed the water purification systems innovately by adopting variety of technologies for solids separation, filtration and membrane filtration for best performance and excellent product water quality. The company has established many drinking water purification plants for rural India and notably for Department of science & Technology, Government of India for its ambitious war for Water programme.


Package drinking water purification plant

WSI has designed and developed a compact water purification plant using chemical coagulation, lamella clarifiers and multimedia filtration sequence for conventional drinking water purification plants. These water package plants are highly popular for Tourist desalination and remote hilly areas of southern India.


Arsenic Removal system

Arsenic Removal systems : Two different technologies have been successfully implemented for removal of Arsenic from contaminated ground water in Gangetic flood plains of West Bengal, India and Bangladesh. It has adopted from Water Systems International highly membrane technology for achieving Arsenic removal efficiency up to 99% in the drinking water. The company also implemented low cost technology model successfully by using two stage resin based technology for setting up Arsenic removal systems for rural West Bengal, India.


Fluoride Removal systems

WSI- India has studied extensively the occurrence of fluoride along with total dissolved solids of hardness from ground water using filtration & membrane system that are developed by its collaboration M/s. Water Systems International Ltd, USA


Sea Water Desalination Plants

WSI- India has been pioneers in the field of sea water desalination system by using reverse osmosis Technology. The company has set up Desalination plant for National Institute of Ocean Technology ( Government of India ) organization based at Chennai. The Desalination Plant uses the Wave Power generated on site to produce high quality drinking water from Sea Water as source water.


Mobile Water Purification Plants

WSI have developed & customized ready to use mobile unit for disaster relief using the latest technology to provide disaster relief using the latest technology to provide pure drinking water that meets all the Indian and WHO standards using source water from a variety of contaminated sources such as flood water and lake water. WSI system can a mounted on a truck, trolley or a barge with an electrical generator for immediate use. When Honorable Prime minster’s office called WSI for emergency disaster relief operation in Bhuj, Gujarat after the earth quake devasted most of the infrastructure in Bhuj, ajner, Becchar Districts of Gujarat, India on 26.01.2001. WSI – India responded by air lifting two water purification plants within 24 hours from New Delhi and installing the plant next 24 hours to produce high quality drinking water.

Key Advantages of WSI Technologies

  • Compactness and Rugged Design.
  • Unique System Design reduces the power consumption.
  • Easy to install and operate with trained Technician.
  • No chemicals are used in general.
  • Occupies very little space thus reducing the infrastructure cost.
  • Produces high quality water through out its life.
  • Maintains Water Production capacity through its life.
  • Excellent pre treatment ensures membrane longevity.
  • Very low Operation and Maintenance Cost.