Laboratory Services

WSI- India operates state-of-the-art laboratories in Chennai to conduct independent water testing services. These services complement equipment sales, maintenance and engineering services devisions and provide accurate and timely analysis of the performance of WSI designed systems.

Environmental Engineering & Consulting Services

  • Laboratory services.
  • Technical Feasibility studies.
  • Site survey and soil investigation.
  • Hydro geological studies and Geo physical investigation.
  • Design and Engineering Services.
  • Preparation of DPR with cost estimate.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • social economic studies.
  • O&M services.
  • Staff training services.
  • Community participation.


Operation and Maintenance Services

WSI- India undertakes operation and maintenance services of water & waste water treatment plants on regular basis on a long term contract through its subsidiary company SIEECO (P) Ltd . WSI – India ensures that water and waste water infrastructure that use so integral and important for India’s growth are well operated and maintained by its dedicated team of professional. This O&M services include deploying highly skilled man power together with local talent, chemicals and also spare parts that are necessary for the up keep of the plants.

Staff Training Services

WSI- India understand that innovative technology is only as good as the personnel maintaining the systems. After studying several problems of applying technology to developing countries, WSI is convinced that training and maintenance of the systems is integral to its success. WSI has successfully harnessed the locally available skilled and unskilled man power for its operation training programme and also for operation & maintenance of the system.

Community participation

WSI recognizes that the performance of its system and it success in India will be only as good as the community’s acceptance they derive in terms of health and welfare. Through its experience in India, WSI reevaluated its strategy to encompass not only the engineering challenges but also the social challenge of accepting the process of providing pure drinking water. WSI believes that providing quality water in conjunction with effective community participation will be an inducement to mobilize the people’s interest in paying for services and be catalyst to enhance financing efforts for those programs by Government of India.


EIA Services

Environmental Impact Assessment & social economic studies

EIA is an assessment to find out possible short-term and long-term environment effects for the type of projects during the construction

Environment impact can be observed on the following

  • Socio-economic impact on affected human population.
  • Impact on health.
  • Impact on economy and security.
  • Impact on flora and fauna in the region.
  • Impact on water resources such as river, lake & ground water.
  • Impact on ambient air quality.