Process Equipments
WSI- India has excellent range of technologies and products both imported from the US and indigenous for meeting the stringent waste water treatment standards laid down by Central Pollution Control Board. WSI-India has excellent CADD department for equipment design and fabrication of waste water treatment process equipments. The company also imports one of the finest aeration equipment from Aeromix Systems Inc., USA and uses in the waste water treatment plants in India. Some of the industries segment served by the company are Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile, Textile, Tannery,Petro Chemical and also municipalities. WSI equipments has been tested for its performance and longevity in the industries and providing flawless services for several years.
Major process equipments that are designed and supplied by the WSI – India is listed below

Chemical coagulation Equipment

  • Agitators.
  • Flocculation mechanism.

Solid separation units

  • Plain sedimentation tank.
  • Tube settler.
  • Thickener mechanism.
  • Lamella Separator.
  • Clarifier Mechanism.

Filtration equipment

  • Pressure sand filter.
  • Activated carbon filter.
  • Multimedia filters.
  • Ultra filtration.
  • Membrane filtration units.

Aeration Equipments

  • Slow speed surface aerators.
  • High speed floating aerators.
  • Aspirating aerators.
  • Submersible Aerators.
  • Coarse bubble diffusers.
  • Fine Bubble diffusers.

Equalization / balancing process equipment

  • PVC aeration solids.
  • Aspirators.
  • Floating aerators.
  • Coarse bubble diffusers.

MS Package Water Treatment plants
MS Package Waste Water Treatment plants

Bio gas equipments

  • Gas collection system.
  • Chopper pumps.
  • Mixers.
  • Gas diffusers.
  • Bio Gas power engine.