Business Collaborators

Water Systems International Ltd, USA

Water Systems International Ltd., WSI, is a US based environmental engineering firm specializing in the management of water system design, fabrication, installation and operation for the drinking and wastewater industries. WSI personnel have experience in several applications throughout the United States and internationally in India, Turkey and Brazil. WSI’s experienced personnel have worked with the US government and leading health care institutions. The company has a central office at Washington DC and branch offices at San Paulo, Brazil, and Chennai. Equipment fabrication is completed at its plant in suburban Virginia. WSI product range includes mobile units, R.O desalination plants, Mineral water plants, de-fluoridation, arsenic removal plants, and ultra pure water for hospitals, dairies and pharmaceutical companies.

Aeromix Systems Inc, USA

Water Systems India (P) Ltd represents Aeromix Systems Inc , ( Part of RWL Group) USA as their exclusive distributor for the whole range of aeration products in India. Aeromix System Inc. is a US based firm specializing in Aeration technology for water and wastewater applications. Aeromix products are used worldwide to improve water quality, treat wastewater, help foster aquatics life, remediate ground water and beautify water bodies. The company is located at Minneapolis, USA. Aeromix product range includes Tornado Surface Aspirating Aerators, Hurricane Submersible Aspirating Aerators, Zephyr Induced Air Floatation System and Cyclone Coarse Bubble Diffuser System.


Vaughan Pumps

Water Systems India (P) Ltd has been recently appointed as an exclusive representative for Vaughan pump, a company based at US for their entire range of products such as chopper pumps , mixers for municipal sewage applications.


Our Group Companies - South Indian Environmental Engg Consultancy (P) Ltd

SIEECO (P) Ltd is an Indian Environmental Engineering company based at Chennai ( Part of WSI Group ) deals in the design of water treatment plants, Effluent treatment plants, Sewage treatment plants and Wastewater reclamation , lab analysis services and operation &maintenance of plant.