About Us

Water Systems India (P) Ltd., was founded by Mr. N. Krishnan who is an environmental Engineer from
I.I.T, Kharagpur with technical collaboration of Mr. Howard Siemers, Chairman & C.E. O, Water Systems International Ltd, USA in the year 2000. Water Systems India (P) Ltd is fully owned by Indian Promoters and has well established tradition of sharing its growth with all its stake holders.

WSI- India specializes in customized services in Consulting, Engineering, Laboratory Testing, Equipment supply, Operation and Maintenance Services in the Environmental Engineering field. The company has executed many challenging assignments in water purification, sewage and effluent treatment segment successfully in the last 13 years.

WSI- India has been built by N. Krishnan,its founder Director and his team from start up to the current level of INR 100 million in sales Turnover in the year 2013. The company has excellent team of Scientists, Engineers, Accountants and Technicians who have work hard and tirelessly to built up the company to this current leadership position in the environmental engineering service market segment.

WSI- India has entered into excellent collaboration agreements with three leading US Based Companies

  • Water Systems International Ltd, Washington DC, USA
  • Aeromix Systems Incorporation, Minneapolis ( RWL- Group company), USA
  • Vaughan Company Inc, Montesano, USA

WSI- India has set up many Water Purification Systems for challenging water quality issues such as Fluoride, Arsenic and Salinity by designing & importing equipment from Water Systems International, USA.

WSI- India also distributes entire range of aeration equipment from Aeromix Systems Incorporation, USA. These aeration equipments such as Tornado Aspirating Aerators, Hurricane Submersible Aerators, Diffusers are of excellent quality & energy efficient and are used in waste water treatment plants all over the world extensively.

WSI- India has developed excellent & cost effective technologies for waste water treatment in Dairy, Oil, Automobile, Petroleum products, Tannery and Textile Industries in India. The company has used advanced indigenous technologies for municipal waste water treatment using Anaerobic Fixed Film Reactors, Carrousel Aerobic Bio Reactors, Sequential Batch Reactors, UASB Reactors and Nutrient Removal systems.

WSI- India has specialized in revamping and retrofitting effluent treatment plants & waste water treatment plants that do not meet the pollution control board standards with new systems which produce consistent treated water quality to meet the federal standards.